Micro Landing Page Builder +
QR Code Generator +
Link Shortener

Unlock the power of simplicity with our all-in-one platform. GoBio.Link offers you three essential tools, seamlessly integrated into one convenient platform. Whether you need to create micro landing pages, generate QR codes, or shorten your links, we’ve got you covered.


Micro Landing Page Maker

Create stunning micro landing pages in a matter of minutes. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to effortlessly design and customize your pages. Showcase your products, share important information, or capture leads with ease. With GoBio.Link, you can make a lasting impression and drive conversions like never before.

QR Code Generator

Simplify your marketing efforts with our QR code generator. Generate Dynamic QR codes instantly and effortlessly. Link them to your website, social media profiles, or any online content. Enhance engagement with your audience by seamlessly bridging the gap between offline and online experiences.

Link Shortening Service

Long links can be a hassle, but with GoBio.Link’s link shortening service, you can transform those lengthy URLs into sleek and manageable links. Share your shortened links on social media, emails, or any other platform without compromising on character limits or aesthetic appeal.